Sunday, September 25, 2022

Farmer's Market Plein Air Painting


Plein air painting at the @ylnifarmersmarket Saturday morning, September. I set my easel up on the corner of Wayne and Barr St. So many people out enjoying their Saturday morning at the market.

This original oil painting is available. 9x12 oil on panel. 

Purchase link on my Daily Paintworks Gallery:


  1. I commenting much too rare but know that I'm have a look each time you upload a painting.

    This is so much fun to watch, ... I'm always a bit dualistic about these locations.
    To much onlookers and to much chatting which cost time and therefor light.
    But your style is soo suited for this, ... short and limited brushmarks which makes it very quick to paint I'll presume.

    Nice to see you aswell btw. :-)

  2. Thank you René! All that you mention is so true and sometimes i struggle to see my subject as the crowd of people increases. I do paint fast now 😄 so great to hear from you my friend!