Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Magnetic Personality Bumble Bee Sunflowers Impressionism Oil Painting

"Magnetic Personality"   Repost from 2016
oil on panel

 When studying the light coming through the petals I could figure out the values but getting the color correct was a bit more of a challenge. I think I finally got it right.

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Monday, May 7, 2018

Original Art Little Oil Paintings available from Artist Heidi Malott

"Violet Clouds"
post from 2015
painting available
6x6" oil

I divided and attempted to conquer a busy, detailed scene by simplifying and blocking in the bigger shapes.  Something about these scenes cut down to the bare bones is very relaxing and harmonious.

I love the month of May.  We have 2 Birthdays in the family and it's the last month of school.  However it is our busiest month as well.  If we can get through this filled calendar we can welcome slower days of Summer.  I have set up an easel in the corner of our screened porch and look forward to more painting.  So check back throughout this summer to see some new little paintings.

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