Thursday, May 31, 2012

Twilight Lake Moon Sunset Impressionist Landscape


"Twilight Lake"
previously posted 2010

Hello out there :D  
I hope your summer is off to a good start.  Once again, I am hoping to have some painting time soon.  Looking forward to summer:  the kids being home, graduations, a wedding, camping, gardening, canning and other good times.  

Our focus in my household right now is to get "back to the basics" at least that is my plan.  My husband may be on strike for an unknown amount of time.  A reminder that life can be uncertain and the importance of being prepared for "rainy days"  I am pretty competitive by nature and actually look forward to the challenge.  History shows us that hard times come and go and I remember my grandparents stories of resilience and self reliance during rough times in their lives.  One thing they always had was that sparkle in their eye when they talked about how much the little things in life were the most memorable.  As I get older I realize how time seems to fly by.  I think simplifying things and getting back to the basics in the day to day will be a way to slow things down a bit.   

Cheers to summer, I hope it does not fly by too quickly!