Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Art - Little Paintings for Little Spaces Original Oil Paintings Heidi Malott

Countryside Cruise
6x6 in

The clouds today gave this painting such a whimsical feel.  The utility poles seem to dance and sway.  Funny how paintings take on a life of their own.  

One of my favorites from 2015.  A much more productive year than 2018 artistically that it!  Hi friends!  For those of you that have been asking, Yes, I am still alive :D  
So sorry I have been awol for so long.  Thank you so much for asking.  I have been so busy with other avenues in my life, all good, just sad that my art seemed to fall to the wayside for a bit.  I miss painting and I am sure when my kids are back in school I will be back at it.

Enjoy these summer days, I will try to keep in touch more often