Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Look Back April Clouds at Dusk Original Oil Paintings

"Clouds at Dusk"
April 2015
oil 6x6

What a different Spring I am having this year!  Back in December my husband and I decided it was time to update our kitchen.  Update, not remodel mind you.  To me, this means affordable changes, especially when you do the labor yourself.  We are talking painting walls, and cupboards.  New counter tops, lighting and new hardware for the cupboards all of course while 5 people are still using the kitchen.  Did I mention painting cupboards?  This is not an easy task, not for the faint of heart.  Perseverance is one of my strong points and these are the second set of cupboards that I have painted in the last 2 decades of my life.  I am very happy with the results but I have to say the last three months have done me in and we still have more work to do. The one thing that I couldn't squeeze into my day was painting in the studio and I miss it so much.  

I had high aspirations at the turn of the new year.  Clocking numerous, fulfilling hours in the studio.   I look forward to finding my way back to the easel over the next few weeks.     So today I took a moment to look back to my time in the studio last Spring of 2015 for inspiration and to hopefully refresh my perseverance :)