Friday, March 20, 2020

Seascape Painting Original Art for Sale Beach

Coaster Art
3x3 inch 
oil on wood 
includes display easel 

Before our lives changed suddenly with the Covid19 pandemic, I met a friend and we painted while visiting.   Such a joy before I knew what the term social distancing even was.

Stay safe and stay positive friends in this unprecedented time ♡

My gallery of art is still open.  I am still shipping paintings. In these times there is much concern for personal safety.  When you receive mail wear gloves, if possible. Wipe the package down with a sanitizing wipe if possible, or sit it in the sun.  Those UV ray's will do their job.  You can also let the package sit for a few days.  We aren't sick here at my home, but out of an abundance of caution, a virus cannot survive on surfaces after a few days.  After these precautions it would be like Christmastime,  opening your painting ♡
Original Painting $25

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